Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the rental fee? What is the staffing fee? What is the set-up/break-down fee?

  1. Genesis Party Center proudly hosts Your Wedding ReceptionHall rental is $1800 (includes dance floor)
  2. Genesis set up and clean up of the hall.
  3. Linen package, table skirting (head table, cake table, & gift table)

Additional Services Available:

  1. Dinner (see menu), salad & bread, beverage
  2. Tableware
  3. Caterer Services
  4. Event Server’s
  5. Bartender

Do you offer individually plated meals, or just a banquet style dinner?
We would be happy to do whichever you prefer! Plated parties are limited to 100 guest (or less) until we are able to secure arrangements in order to accommodate a larger party.

Can you hold a wedding ceremony there as well as the reception afterwards?
Absolutely! When Genesis Conference and Party Center - Wedding Ceremony and Serviceyou reserve your reception at the hall, you may also choose to hold your ceremony there, too. Depending on the time frame required, additional charges may apply. If you’d like to have just your ceremony with us, you’ll be charged a hall fee.

Do you serve alcohol or do we need to provide it?
Genesis Party Center does not currently hold a liquor license. Which allows you to B.Y.O.B. or supply your own beverages. Bar is not self serve, and must be managed by a beverage service.

Please contact us or call 330-435-4885 and speak to Mark for more details.

What type of dinnerware do you have?
We provide all silverware, or if you wish, disposable flatware. We can also provide plain white or decorated round plate-ware, or you may choose disposable dinnerware if you desire.

Does Genesis cook the meals there or does it get cooked elsewhere then brought to your facility?
We feature a full service kitchen inside our reception hall. Our Chef does all cooking on premise – and your guests will agree that it is delicious! We also prepare food to cater to other locations.Medina OH Wedding Reception Hall

Do you have a recommended list of cake designers, DJ’s, and florists, and other wedding services?
Yes! We have worked with several cake designers, DJ’s, and florists who do proud, quality work and would be happy to be a part of your special day.

Any music or noise restrictions?
No, Genesis Party Center is relatively secluded and well confined enough not to bother any neighbors. We are able to stay open until midnight on weekdays and 1:00am on Saturdays.

Are there any decorating restrictions?Genesis Conference and Party Center serves Medina, Ohio
Genesis Party Center Management must approve all decorations. Basic guidelines include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • No birdseed in the building
  • Nothing may be hung on the walls or ceiling
  • Candles must be in a container.
  • No glitter or confetti

Is cake cutting included in your services?
On your special day, we would be more than happy to cut and serve your cake as our gift to you.

What do you offer for linens?
We offer a variety of linen colors for napkins and table tops, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Two linen color choices are included in your meal price.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered above, please give Mark at call at 330.435.4824 – the Genesis Conference and Party Center looks forward to hosting your event!

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